Imago Buys WeBook weebook.jpg

WEbook (pronounced "we book" – I’m hoping you’d guessed that already) is one of the largest online communities, and is geared towards discovering new writers and helping them on their path to publication. And it is of course the first thing you’d think of Imago buying – after all, we are one of the largest providers of print production services in the world.

The key is in the word services – and more specifically, publishing services. And WEbook provides one of the best publishing services that the online world has to offer. And we have plans. Plans to rebuild it (it got partially nuked when the previous owners stopped paying their bills), to develop it, expand it and to ultimately allow it to lead a range of new services that we’re planning to offer.

So watch this space. Imago’s online presence is gently expanding, taking a great business into a brave new world.